Pillow Talk

I have been perusing the intranet for modern pillows that I can use as inspiration for redoing my own pillows.
Here are a few that I have been thinking about recreating. I think they are doable and I love all of the texture.
1- CB2
2- Crate and Barrel
3- Pier 1 (found on Imaginary Shopping Spree)
4- CB2
5- CB2

What are you guys thinking?

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  1. We actually went to Crate and Barrel and were picking out fabric from their upholstery section. They have some really nice stuff. Then we found out the prices of all the stuff we were looking at were around 60 bucks a yard. So then I just got some 9.99/yard fabric from Joanns instead. It doesn't have as much texture, but it was a little more in our price range.