Placement by guest blogger Courtney

One of the first things that needs to be determined when looking at/for pillows is where they are going to live after you've made them. The logical place most of us would think of would be the living room, on the couch or chair, but there are many other places to toss your newly completed pillows, such as the bedroom (master, guest, or children's) the play area or movie/TV area - this is a great place for some larger pillows that can be used on the floor, or even in the car. Growing up my mom always had a couple of smaller throw pillows in the
van so that we had something to lay our heads on if we
wanted to sleep during car trips.

Personally I plan on replacing/redoing the cushions for my couch.

Making some for my bedroom -
I love the chocolate brown and khaki color combo, but it's rather monochromatic, I mean even my cats blend in for goodness sakes. (Please ignore the weird black and white tile pattern, it came with the house and we are saving up to put in hardwood.)

And I'd like to make a pillow for my daughters crib, the one we got her from Ikea is kinda sad looking and grungy. I'm hoping to start a few so that when she's ready for her "big girl bed" in a couple months, I'll have a fun collections of pillows to put on it.

So, where are you putting your pillows?


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  1. i can't wait to see what you come up with. we are so happy to have you joining us this month!