Eva : First Pouch Down

It's 10:45 am and I've just completed my first box pouch.
I spent about an hour working on it. That's including breaks to change laundry loads and put my baby down for her morning nap.
Now that I've gotten the feel for the project I won't have to spend time referring to the instructions. That will cut a good amount of time off the total. If I could sew without interruption I'm pretty sure I could widdle the process down to about fifteen minutes. Gotta love that.


  1. Eva, I love it! I was also suprised once I got started how easy it was to make. I agree - 15 minutes is so doable once I got it down. Now I am looking through all of my scraps trying to find some to make pouches with.
    Great Job!

  2. I love making those little pouches. The fabric on that one is GREAT!!!

  3. That is so cute! I am LOVING it here! I just came over via Craft Gossip and I'm blown away by all the amazing projects. I'd love to link to a few if the site doesn't mind. What a great collaborative, creative space!

  4. Okay--I'm working on these right now too--but are you lining them? That step has slowed me down considerably. . . . love these though. I make them out of vintage polyester and they're just super terrific.