Meet Eva : This week's guestblogger

We are so excited at Presserfoot to have Eva as our guestblogger this week. She is sassy, fun, and uber talented. Here she is:

When I was eleven or so I convinced my older sister to show me a thing or two on the sewing machine. From there on out I considered myself a seamstress.
My overconfidence and tendency to dig in and start cutting willy nilly nearly drove my mother to insanity and produced a monstrosity or two but in the end I'd learned to sew. I've never been scared to take scissors to fabric and while I did finally learn to follow a pattern, I still prefer to draft my own, figuring as I go along.
I write about my sewing, my kids, and whatever else I take a fancy to on my blog Uniquety. I'm happy to be here, now let's see how many box pouches we can get done in a week!

No, seriously.

Every time you finish a pouch, leave a comment. Anyone who out-pouches me will be in the running for a prize! Don't ask me what the prize is though, I typed that before I had a chance to think it through. I make these things up as I go along, remember?

Now get sewing!

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  1. I'm so completely missing something. Where is the tutorial?