Jessica's first headband- step by step

First thing--I'm crazy about this headband.

Not to get into a huge personal saga when we've only just met, but I don't love my hair. I usually think hair accessories are great on other people, but can't figure out how to make them look normal on myself. This one, though, I finished, photographed, and wore to the grocery store without a speck of self-consciousness.

It came together pretty quickly, with just a couple of hiccups. I didn't time myself, but even with some "frustrations" with my printer and then with the bobbin, I'd guess it only took me about a half an hour to make. The pattern is well written and the diagrams are very clear.

A couple of tips if (when!) you decide to make your own:

The pattern calls for an eighth of a yard of fabric. Rian and Kelli sent me a full eighth, but it was a very tight fit:

I ended up having to shift that tie over even a little bit more, and the second one still scooted off the edge a bit (I compensated by sewing a scant 1/4" seam along that side). It all worked out OK, but if you're buying fabric for this project and would rather have a little more wiggle room than I did...
you might want to splurge on a quarter yard.

When I trimmed the seam allowances at the points of the ties...

I went a little too far--be careful to leave a bit of fabric so you don't end up with this:

At least it was fixable; I just re-sewed a new point a little farther from the edge.

I was most nervous about putting in the elastic. Again, the directions are clear, but I was afraid of everything shifting around before I could get it all sewn together.

It actually worked fine with only one pin, and I have to say that this elastic-under-the-ties concept is ingenious. I'd suggest shortening the elastic just a little more than you think you should...I ended up redoing it, and it could probably stand to be a little tighter still.

The highlight of this project should probably be that I think it's adorable, or that it didn't slip off my head (isn't that so annoying!?), or that both my husband and son noticed it ("Did you finish your headband, Mommy? It's pretty!"), but honestly, it's that I finally had a reason to photograph myself in the mirror.

Next up: Can I make a reversible version?


  1. jessica this looks awesome! get instructions and i can't wait to see a reversible version. what a wonderful idea. so happy to have you guestblogging with us this week!

  2. Love it! I think maybe I need me a headband too. You've inspired me :-)

  3. Where is the pattern?

  4. the pattern is heather bailey's free pattern on her site. you can find the link on the previous entry with jessica's intro.