reversible headbands tutorial

Making the headband reversible turned out to be really easy...just a couple of adjustments and an extra scrap of fabric were all it took.

When you choose your fabrics, it's important that they coordinate, since you'll be able to see both of them on the ties no matter which end is showing on the band.

For the band, cut one 2 1/4" by 18" rectangle of each fabric. Sew them together along both long sides, leaving the short ends open as in the original pattern. Unless your seams are perfectly straight (mine never are!), you'll be able to see some of the bottom fabric wrapping around to the top. So, as you press, take care (I used a knitting needle) to coax the edges straight as you move the iron over the band. Since the seams show on this version, you may prefer to topstitch along each long edge for a more polished finish.

For the ties, cut two pieces from each fabric, and sew one of each together as in the original pattern.

Sewing the elastic in is the only (sort of!) tricky part. In the original pattern, the elastic goes between the bottom and the tie, like this,

so it doesn't show while you're wearing it.

To accommodate the reversibility, you'll need to place the elastic a little differently and it will therefore be slightly exposed, so it needs a casing. This part is so simple--it took me ten minutes, tops. Start by cutting a piece of fabric double the width of your elastic plus 3/8 of an inch, and an inch and half longer than your elastic (mine was 1 3/8" by 5 1/2" for 1/2" elastic).

Fold and press lengthwise, and sew with a very scant 1/4" (closer to 1/8") seam.

Use a safety pin to turn the casing right side out (it's pretty tight, but it'll work, I promise). Press it, then use the safety pin to insert the elastic into the casing. The fit should be fairly snug. Once you reach the other end, sew the elastic flush with the casing edge:

Then, repeat on the other side.

Now you're ready to sew the elastic and ties into the headband. Sew the first side as in the original pattern. Then, flip one side of the headband over so that each print is showing on one end, and insert and pin the elastic and tie:

You'll want to take a second to check and make sure that the elastic won't be twisted when you wear the headband (ask me how I know!):

You can see that one tie is above the elastic and the other is below--this is what you're going for.

When you wear it, an inch or so of the elastic will show on one end, but since it's covered, it won't be noticeable.

Your finished headband will look like this--two for the price of one!

Tomorrow, embellishing your headband, plus some fun gift ideas (with an extra tutorial!).

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