Jessica's third headband - adding ribbon

For the second fabric Rian and Kelli sent, I decided to add a ribbon for two reasons--first, the print is great, but I needed something to cool off the colors...and second, who doesn't love a ribbon?

Easy, easy--just cut ribbon to the same length as the band:

and sew them together, centering the ribbon on the fabric.

Finish as in the pattern.


On to something even more fun...headbands for the holidays! Of course you can give one (or a few!) on their own, but why not...

make a few different hair accessories and give them all together:

hair elastic w/ button from Lenny DaVinci
pinwheel bobby pin from Little Jenny Wren
fabric covered barrette from Angry Chicken

or give them complete with a spot for organizing:

hanging frame for bows, etc.
from Little Birdie Secrets--switch out the glass for cork and add some hooks for headbands, etc.

or make one, buy one:

feather headbands
by KAANG on etsy--gorgeous.

or how about a headband along with a salon gift card...

all dressed up!

Remember my scraps from the first headband? I certainly didn't want them to go to waste...check out my tutorial at Give It a Go.

Tomorrow, last but not least...a sweet headband for kiddos, and a giveaway!


  1. Awesome post and ideas. I love the gift card envelope idea. Thank you so much for being such an awesome guest blogger!

  2. Wow, what a lovely headband. Also thanks for the link love!