Next Month's Pattern: Wasp Bag

With my sister Rian and I both being pregnant right now I decided to forgo making clothes for ourselves and thought we would make something a little more "one size fit's all" and practical for our current situations.

I have been holding onto this Wasp bag tutorial for a long time hoping to find the perfect time to make it up. I love the large and roomy size of the bag and think it will make a perfect diaper bag/purse for my baby (perhaps with a few adjustments).

So for the month of January we will be making the wasp bag by Alison of machenmachen.wordpress.com. Click here to download Alison's free and wonderful pattern/tutorial.

Check back tomorrow to enter January's fabric/guestblogger giveaway.


  1. I'm so excited! I have just been looking for patterns to make a bag for myself (nursery and library and book club usage), so this is perfect timing for me, too!

  2. I had no idea Rian was pregnant too. I love the idea of making a diaper bag/purse. I'm excited for this project. Hopefully I can find time to make with the new baby.

  3. Anonymous18.12.09

    I have made this bag, it is beautiful. I wanted to for a diaper bag too, but it is way too small. It is really smaller than I thought it would turn out. Just a thought for you.

  4. Anonymous18.12.09

    Hi Kelli and Rian, I can't wait to see how your versions of the bag turn out - and whether it does work as a diaper bag. Feel free to drop me a line if you have trouble with the pattern

  5. this is such a fantastic bag and the wasp fabric is really great

  6. Yay!! I have had this pattern put aside to work on for months and months... hopefully this will be just the motivation I need to work on it!