Stocking #3

This one is for me. It might be from the extra holiday pounds, but for my stocking I just wanted long and thin. I also decided to go with a more organic piecing strategy. I simply sewed each scrap together as is, no straightening of the lines until it was long enough to completely cover my pattern. I then followed the steps from Stocking #1 and added a button. You can buy these coverable buttons at almost any craft store, even Walmart carries them. There are two metal brackets, one with teeth to grab your fabric as you stretch it over. Then the second metal piece just pops in place to hold it all together. Now I wish I had chosen a contrasting fabric to help my button standout a little more, but I don't think you can recover them. Anyone know? Regardless I am starting to feel a little skinnier at heart.

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  1. Looks great! Seeing those pretty stockings everywhere almost makes me wish we'd exchange gifts with Christmas too :-)