Stocking #1

I decided not to make my son a monster stocking, regardless of the pancake mix, so as not to label him as a two year old terror for the rest of his Christmas life. I instead did a simple striped patterns of some "boyish" scrap material and am rather pleased with the result. It was a quick project and totally unique. Step #1 make your pattern (click here for any help in the matter)
Step #2 assemble your scraps, making sure they are long enough or wide enough for your design
Step #3 sew you scraps together, they will not look like a stocking at this point, but should be bigger all around than your pattern
Step #4 pin on your pattern and cut it out
Step #5 cut out your stocking back (I just used a solid piece of fabric for mine)
Step #6 if you want a fuller or puffier look to you stocking you can also cut out a piece of fleece to line the inside as I did.
Step #7 make a loop of fabric for hanging. I just double folded a scrap and zigzagged it together.
Step #8 make your stocking sandwich with your loop in the center (position at an angle pointing up) the right sides of you front and back pieces together, with your fleece on the outside.
Step #9 Sew it all together and serge off raw edges if desired.
Step #10 turn right side out and fold in a half inch hem and sew.

Now you are done! A project this simple doesn't seem like it should have 10 steps, but there you have it.

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