Stocking #2

Stocking #2 is for my always wants to wear a dress and look like a princess daughter. I think it's nice and girly. I used just two fabrics for this one, the polka dot and a printed striped material with little messages written between the lines. I followed the same basic step process as stocking #1 but added the circle applique down the side.For the applique I used one of my favorite products Heat'n'Bond. You can buy it at most fabric stores. They have a no-sew and a sew-able option. I always use the sew-able option as I like the look of the stitching and get really bugged at future pealing that I feel is inevitable. Simply follow the directions on the package (I'm not going to walk you through those steps as there are probably different brands with different instructions). Once you have cut out your shape and ironed it the exact right spot I use the blind-hem-stitch to create a defined border and attach it at the same time, but really you could use any stitch. And that is that. any questions?

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  1. Anonymous15.12.09

    those are cute ideas! here are my hand stitched simple stockings. http://www.simplymodernmom.com/2009/12/blanket-stitch-christmas-stockings/