Taking it in for the bargin hunter

I am a bargain hunter and probably some what of a cheap scape so when I look on the far back sales racks I not only look at my own size
s, but also the next two or three sizes up that are often even cheaper. The great thing about buying bigger is that you can then alter it for a custom fit.

I bought this Banana Republic dress for $14, but it is 2 sizes too big (It originally sold for $150 and this was the only size left). Here is how you make it perfect for you:

1. call over a friend who sews or pull out your dress form
2. turn the garment inside out and put it on
3. have your friend carefully pin it, following the existing seam lines (if you are taking it up into the armpit you will need to follow that line down into the sleeve as well).

4. carefully remove the garment with the pins in place ( you might think that you can just pin one side and make the other side match it, but I strongly recommend you don't do that, unless you are very careful it will end up too small).
5. baste stitch the pinned lines and try it on
6. make and remake any adjustments until it is just right
7. sew your seam line on top of the perfected baste stitch
8. serge off the excess
9. look like you paid $150 for your dress
After Christmas Sales are right around the corner!


  1. Great idea!! I linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip Sewing:

  2. Nice work!


  3. This is a wonderful tip, thanks for sharing. I love the print on the dress, too. Makes me think of "make it do, or do without."

  4. Thanks for this tip! I'll definitely be using it. Hope to try it out very soon!

  5. Great job! I do this with 90% of my tops, skirts and dresses. Good tutorial ;)
    Lindsay @