Belt Front and Back Band Option 2 & 3 (button closure & back tie)

1. Cut fabric pieces according this (click here). As you can see I altered the pattern slightly, narrowing the ends of the belt front and backer and matching the narrow width to the back band pieces.

2. Sew 2 back band pieces, right sides together and repeat with other 2 pieces. Trim corners to remove bulk, turn right side out, and top stitch.


3. Layer back band pieces in between right sides of belt front and belt backer


3. Sew together making sure to leave an opening to flip it right side out again.


4. Trim corners to remove bulk. If you narrow the belt as I did or add any other curving make small incisions up the seam to allow fabric to lay flat once it is turned right side out.


5. Turn right side out and top stitch, making sure to capture and secure opening.


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