Meet Suzannah, February's Guest Blogger!

Hi there, folks at presser foot! I'm Suzannah from Adventures in Dressmaking and I'm so excited to be sharing my belt project with you today! I’m pretty new to the blogging community but I am absolutely loving it! On my blog I share sewing, decorating, and crafty projects I do. There are so many great blogs out there, so many talented people showing off their projects and ideas.

I grew up around a very talented mother who makes historic clothing for museums and reenactors, so I have been sewing from a very early age. I started to really get into sewing one summer a few years ago when I made two or three sun dresses from the same variable pattern, and since then I am hooked on making my own clothes for a fraction of the cost of similar ones at Anthropologie and J.Crew! I have a high quality vintage Viking Husqvarna and I use it quite frequently, making clothes and repurposing old things.

I also love vintage finds and have recently set up an Etsy shop, with very reasonably priced vintage linens and sewing materials—it’s called CreativeDressmaking.

I have branched out in this part of my life, particularly since moving into a new apartment with my fiancé, and I now do a lot of home dec sewing (simple curtains, pillows, etc.) and spray paint art!

Here are some of my favorite projects that I've been blogging about:
· My DIY zig zag rug, totally trendy and fun:
· One of my many JCrew-inspired tees:
· My fun stenciled couch pillows:
· And this incredibly useful tutorial on mending blue jean holes:

Hope you all are inspired by the posts about making belts, and enjoy watching my progress the rest of the month! I always find inspiration on presser foot, and hopefully you will find some fun things on Adventures in Dressmaking as well. Hope you come by and visit!

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