Belt Front and Belt Backer Option 1 (elastic back band)

1. Cut pieces according to formulas (click here). If you are using fabric for your belt front you need to back it with a fusible interfacing now.


2. Sew right sides together of belt front and belt backer leaving side ends open for elastic and a lower gap open to later flip it right side out. Openings are marked as being between the pins.


3. Insert elastic into side end openings and sew into place. Trim corners to eliminate bulk. You may need to use a safety pin to draw your elastic down to the other end. Because your elastic is so much shorter than your belt front it will end up looking like this:


4. Turn belt right side out and pin opening shut. This can take a little bit with the vinyl especially. If you are worried leave a bigger opening or make it bigger now.


5. Top stitch 4 sides of belt front at 1/4 inch.



  1. Ok, I love this belt and am going to make it but for all of us fashion impaired people out here, what would look fabulous under this belt? In fact, you better just give me your rundown on a whole ensemble for it. I'm fairly hopeless. Thanks.

  2. Since I am in the middle of pregnant bloatation and can't fit into my finished belts I will be having a little modeling session with my sister-in-law to show off different ways to wear the belt. They will be posted toward the end of the month, so stay tuned!