Wasp Bag - Keepsake Bag

I just wanted to share this with you. One of our readers ( we are going to keep it anonymous because it is a sensitive matter) recently had a friend's baby girl pass away due to heart complications. She was asked to make the family a keepsake bag where they could keep precious belongings that would remind them of their baby girl. Our reader decided to use the wasp bag to make it. I thought this was a really special and unique way to use the wasp bag and wanted to share.

Here is her keepsake (wasp) bag:


  1. oh no---praying for peace and comfort from the Mighty Lord for that family! What a great bag to keep everything together.

  2. What an amazing and thoughtful thing to do. The bag is beautiful. Keeping them all in my prayers.

  3. praying for their family. such a lovely keepsake bag for them.