The Modern Tote Phase II, the first initial

Some of you may recall our very first project here on Presserfoot, the modern tote. Just before moving to Beijing I had my kids pick out a canvas print, hoping that in the course of the move and 2 months they would forget all about it and be swayed that the Easter bunny had just their taste.

After some procrastination I finally got up the courage to plug in my sewing machine. I was sure it would blow up. I got everything out and ready when I realized that I still need an adapter because the plug prongs are shaped different. Defeat. So, I jumped on the internet, scrolled back to March of 2009 and began cutting my material.

Next was freezer paper stenciling their first initial on the front of the bag. Since I don’t have access to a printer yet I had to free hand the letters , but thanks to a mechanical pencil and a good eraser I am happy with the results.




The last modification I made tot he bag was to add a crayon pouch to back of the bag. I used vinyl, but any fabric would do.

Step 1 Before sewing on the bottom panel of your bag secure the vinyl panel (4 inches by 13 inches- the width of the tote) so that the bottom 1/2 inch is sewn in underneath the bottom panel. then iron down your bottom panel and top stitch.


Step 2 Working from the wrong side of your material make a grid system for your stitch lines. For the twistable crayons I used each crayon pocket required a stitch length of 3 inches, being spaced one inch apart, allowing for a half inch sew allowance on each side.


Step 3 Sew vertical lines, back stitching at each end.


Step 4 Trim threads on the front and then pull any lose ends through on the back and trim.


Step 5 Load up with crayons.



Step 6 Give the Easter Bunny a little help.



  1. Those totes are fabu!
    Love the initials on print background.

  2. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [22 Apr 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  3. Ooooooooh, so adorable!

  4. Love the totes! Great job! Kids hardly ever forget..especially when you "promise" something! Hope you are settling in nicely, and look...your sewing machine didn't blow up after all : )! Your totes look very professional and love the personalization with the letter stencil and the crayon pockets!