Sewing up the butt

While my kids and I are firmly planted back in the States for now, my husband is only half here. His last trip to China was for 16 days! Really, I'm not one for exclamation marks, but come on! Thankfully he is aware of the added stress in my life and arranged to fly my mom out to be with me. I would never trade my husband out, but in some ways having my mom here is so much more helpful than having him around. For starters, my mom didn't have to go to work all day so I had an extra set of hands at my disposal 24-7. And thanks to the stomach virus I used her for some of those later 24 hours.
My mom has always been very petite. I out grew her in the sixth grade (my dad in the seventh). But after birthing 8 kids she had a couple extra pounds to shed (I'm number three and Kelli is number four in the line up). With a little money and friendly competition on the line she recently got her game on and dropped a size 10 for a size 6! Hence the sad saggy jeans.
She brought two pairs of pants out from Alabama for me to take in. The above pair is the before of one and the below is the after of the other. Sorry, no brain cells left. And as you can see, if she drops any more more weight she's just going to have to buy new pants because those pockets can't get any closer.
I asked my mom if she want me to teach her how to take in her jeans through the back seam for the perfect fit, but she wasn't interested. She figured that since she funded my sewing lessons as a child it was about time for her to cash in on the investment. For a fully pictured tutorial on how to take in your jeans and get rid of the gap in the back click here for steps 1-4 and then click here for steps 5-11. Thanks Mom!


  1. Kell, I laughed so hard when I read your comment. Mom seen it yet?

  2. Thanks for the humorous (and informative) post on how to take your jeans in through the back. Thanks for the step-by-step directions!

  3. Thank you for the astuce!