A Christmas to remember

So, beyond buying my fabric I haven't even started my Mad Men dress. I have wanted to jump back into sewing and posting on the blog so bad, but it may be too early still. We will be taking Maaike back up to the hospital tomorrow after some recent developments, so we will just have to wait and see.

Despite my lack of sewing I have been putting a real effort into making this a Christmas to remember. With the kids out of school I have been trying to have at least one hands-on activity a day for them to work on. Here is what we have been and will be up to:

Monday: Make initial ornaments for the tree (ie paint and glitter smothered on a wood letter cutout)
Tuesday: Make reindeer food to thrown out on the front lawn on Christmas Eve (oats mixed with bird food and glitter- so the reindeer can see it from the sky)
Wednesday: Make sugar cookie dough
Thursday: Bake and decorate the cookies for Santa
Friday: Scatter reindeer food, make thank you cards for Santa, set out milk and cookies

Tomorrow morning there will be an additional surprise: a personal video message for Santa! Not sure if you have heard about the Portable North Pole, but it is amazing. I've made a mock example using my kindergarten picture so you can see what I'm talking about. Seriously, it's enought to make almost any child believe. Click here for a peek into my childhood.


  1. my daughter believes enough to get frantic if we suggest she is not listening to her parents (her little chiding for the year) and loves the video but 'in person' santa makes her very nervous. "I'm scared of him a little bit," she admits.

  2. Just found your blog - love it! You're super talented, lady! Love the Mad Men sew-along!