Extremes in Sewing: 2010

Best sewing project: So, due to the absolute craziness of last year I didn't clock in the sewing I thought I would, but the project that has, by far, gotten the most mileage is the Modern Tote to church totes I made for my kids for Easter. Every Sunday my kids pull out their bags, stock them with a few quiet snacks, crayons, and coloring books before heading off to church.

Best place to buy fabric: The Muxiyuan Fabric Market in Beijing, China. If I had any idea that I would end up only living in Beijing for 3 months I would have gone and bought this place out. They have a Vera Bradley shop that sells her fabric for 15 RMB a meter! That is about $2 USD a yard! This place is amazing. Street after street of fabric and notions. There are several hundred vendors, each with several hundred bolts of fabric, feathers, buttons, batting, and of course silk. If you ever go talk to me first.

Scariest Moment: Turning on my sewing machine for the first time in China. I was terrified it would blow up with the change in voltage. I had to add on an adapter and then ran it through a surge protector... and thankfully it worked just fine.

Worst Moment: Turning on my sewing machine after it finally made it back from China. This time the sparks did fly. We ended up having to ask a friend of a friend to carry it back from China for us. I flew alone with the baby and had no idea I wouldn't be going back and my husband flew alone with our 5 and 2 year olds and both our lap tops. This friend of a friend at least got my machine back to me, but at some point he checked it as baggage. The guy at the repair shop told me that "many parts are bent like somebody hit it real hard." I explained the situation to him but he gave a look like "I don't care and don't believe you anyway." At least he go it back up and running.


  1. aw poor sewing machine. That guy probably thought you got REALLY mad... lol I forsee a day where I will be taking mine cause it got dropped out of my second story window :P

  2. Oh my that market in China is glorious! I wish I could go... but then again planning a trip just to go and buy fabric wouldn't turn out to be so cheap ;o)

  3. Can you post the link to the tutorial on how to make the maternity or not frock? I think the post was back in March? It's beautiful! I'd love to make it. Thank you!