One Pattern Seven Ways - #3

This third top's inspiration came from this awesome gingham fabric that I found on sale for 99 cents a yard. I wanted something a little more smockish.
To make this top I created a yoke in the front. I doubled the fabric for the yoke and cut it on the bias. I left it half open and omitted the button closure in the back. I also extended the arms to the elbow and then added a bit of bias tape to the edge to gather it. Lastly I added a bit more room through the bodice to allow it to flow a little more. Here are a few pics of the cutting out process.


  1. I really love this top. The yoke is perfect.
    PS That gingham was a fabulous score and I am jealous - 99 cents, really!? Anytime, I find gingham on sale I pick it. It's difficult to find 100% cotton gingham in my parts.

  2. this one is super cute. I am amazed you can turn out so many cute tops in record time!

  3. I really love the look of ease this one has!