Well..I learned a lot...

I finished my dress a few days ago.  I had a ton of trouble with the neck and I almost gave up.  But after a few days of rest from the project, I calmed down a bit a got through it.  There are a lot of little catches that you can't really see because the elastic helps to cover it up, so I was much happier with the finished product than I expected to be when I started. 

Also, I don't know why I thought that doing the waist band with the stretch fabric I had wouldn't be that hard, but it was a nightmare for me.  I've had the fabric lying around for a long time because I loved the color but then tried one project with stretch fabric and haven't touched this fabric since. In the end, I think putting the elastic in helped to salvage it.  Overall it's pretty sloppy work, but if I had a daughter, I think I would put her in it anyway:)  Now I've learned a lot and I would love to try again.  Does anyone know if there are any instructions on doing the ruffle sleeve with the cuff?  I love that sleeve and would like to try it.   I should probably stick with the standard for now until I get a little better at sewing, but I can dream.


  1. Keep dreaming and then jump right in! if there is something you want to try there is nothing better than just giving it a shot. Take it from a bona fide wimp; guess and check isn't so bad...and like you said, most of the time things will come out better than you think and you'll feel that much more proud of yourself!

  2. I think it came out darling! Don't be too hard on yourself because it wasn't the easiest project without a pattern to start with. Making our own makes things a little tricky, doesn't it?! It really did come out cute.

  3. dont be so hard on yourself. it looks good. i can't beleive you are trying to work with stretch fabrics. they are a nightmare.

  4. Oh, I'm so glad you stuck with it. Sorry it was such a nightmare though!
    Are you referring to the puff sleeve made from the cuff of the sleeve? I've never done a tutorial on that. But you basically cut a similar sleeve pattern, but make the bottom of the shirt cuff the bottom of your sleeve (you have to tweek the sleeve a bit though b/c there are slits on the cuffs where the buttons adjust). Also, I moved one of the buttons over to make the cuff tighter, to fit better around a little girl's arm.
    Here's what it looks like:

  5. Thanks for the tip Dana! I will definitely try it soon.