Sewing for The Choir

Kelli and I were raised as God fearing, church going girls. With few exceptions I have attended church every Sunday my entire life, until lately. Since October we have started a hermit experiment, aka see how long we can stay inside with little to no contact with the real world. I expect insanity to hit any time soon. In the last 6 weeks I have only left the house 4 or 5 times, so I'm sure warts are going to spring up on my face at any moment. But it will be absolutely worth it if we can beat the odds and keep Maaike out of the hospital this winter.

Today however I was able to make a prodigal return to church as my husband was home and able to stay with the baby. As I was struggling to stay away, bask in my "out of the houseness", and listen to the lesson on the Book of Jeremiah, I noticed an interesting note on the bottom of an announcement flyer. It read, "The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is looking for a volunteer seamstress to help in the women's wardrobe department of the choir." Humm. Very interesting. I am not a singer, but I can say that I do appreciate music. I cannot say that I am a big follower of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but for sure they are legendary. So, I decided to find out a little more. I could do a little extra sewing if it was from my home.

As it turns out they need a little bit more than a hermit seamstress who can do a few alterations and hem lines from her toadstool. They are looking for someone who can draft patterns and be on hand two days a week for last minute alterations and then follow the choir for several weeks a year as they tour and perform. Oh well, not for now, but at least it helped be get through the rest of church with my eyes open and I sang the closing hymn with a little extra vigor.


  1. Thanks for your sewing for the choir post. Do let us know if you ever decide to help the Mormon Tabernacle Choir out.

  2. This is a interesting post. I know that you have a great experience for to sew to The Choir. You have a wonderful talent and you will have many succes in your life.