Another lonely night while my husband flies this way or that. I've been filling my time by peeping into your lives. I've been going through the comments you left about your blogs and the others you follow and one by one I am making my way through. It has been delightful. Really. You and google reader, which are slowly being one in the same, are my life line to the outside world. I never knew how hard it would be to live in isolation for 6 months, but so far Maaike has remained admission free, so definitely well worth it.

Funny story, or rather amazing really, while in Beijing I met two women who had been on Presserfoot. Seriously! They were both expats living in China, but when we got to talking and some how conversations turned to sewing I mentioned that my sister and I run a blog called Presserfoot.com and they were like, "oh, I've been on your blog before." What! I hate sounding like a high school girl, but that is like totally awesome! One woman was from Virginia and the other was from Kentucky. I have retained a close friendship with the one from Virginia and this is what I found on Stephanie's blog today:

You may remember this project from our anthropologies inspired tutorials, the catch and release scarf. I'm loving the striped one. Might be just the project to get me out of the February blues. Glad you are still following us Steph!

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