Confession and a Promise

So first for the confession. Remember the Mad Men dress that I started forever ago? Well, I just can't finish it. I have tried and tried and the truth is that it is just the ugliest thing I have ever made. My fabric choice was a disaster and I just can't bring myself to finish a garment that I know I will never wear. I hope you will forgive me. I plan on chopping the bottom off and making a skirt and I will show you once I do.

Now to make it up to you I have an awesome tutorial to show you tomorrow. I made this nautical headband over the weekend and I can't wait to show you how easy it is. Check in tomorrow morning for the full tutorial.

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  1. I never finished mine either! I made up the muslin and the fit was awful on me and I don't know enough about tailoring to make it fit. I think I was imagining that I'd look like the girl on the envelope but no dress is going to make me look like that. Anyway, thanks for showing how to change the neckline and sleeve length- it gave me confidence to try it on other patterns. And that is a pretty headband.