I Could Make That : Cascade Dress

When I saw this dress at Gap I instantly associated it with the following pattern and thought . . . I could make that.

Dress : Cascade Trim Dress from Gap $69.95

To make this use . . .

Pattern : Simplicity 2360 View A

Using this fabric from Denver Fabrics . . .

Navy Blue Cotton Voile - $4.95/yd

Here are a few of my favorite versions of this pattern on the web:
(I think this is one of those patterns that could easily be transformed from wedding attire to beach coverup depending on your choice of fabrics.)

Hannah from Sew Tessuti
Farah Makes Stuff
Boo Dogg and Me


  1. I love this! But i don't have a serger...do you think the ruffles are possible to do well without one?

  2. I don't have a serger either and I think it is very doable. I have been thinking about getting a rolled hem foot for my machine which would make it a lot easier.

  3. I have a serger and on a voile I'd probably use my rolled hem foot. It's a bit tricky to get started but it makes such a nice finish. The serger would be too heavy.

  4. Awesome, thanks!!

  5. Kelli, do you plan on lining it? Would love to see your process or the finished product when it's ready!

  6. i do think that lining is important if you have a fabric like this voile which is pretty see through. I will be sure to make a post once I make it up in a few weeks.

  7. Thanks for linking to me (I'm wendybirde)! :) I didn't serge the edges, I used my rolled hem foot, but they would be better done by hand, I think.