Taking a bath

Do you remember my Christmas giveaway addiction? The red garland wasn't my only take home. I also won a Puj Tub! If you haven't heard of them before I can honestly tell you they are awesome! I randomly clicked on a link for a giveaway that brought me to, the inventor and founder, Katie's blog. Winning the Puj Tub wasn't just a nice win for us it was a revelation...a miracle.

If I am starting to sound over dramatic you must realize that I have a daughter with a plastic tube sticking out of her neck that provides direct access to her lungs. The thought of her slipping or rolling over in a bathtub is terrifying, so we stuck to simple sponge baths at the sink. Enter Puj.

Puj has been all over the place lately, like Ellen and Rachel Ray for starters. It's amazing to me I had never heard of it before...until I won one. I was so pleased with the product I emailed the above photo to Katie with a little thank you note. Then, about a month ago Katie contacted me, asking me if we would be interested in participating in a short documentary about us. I agreed and 3 weeks ago we had a living room filled with lights and cords and a camera. It took about 4 hours start to finish and that will be boiled down to about 5 minutes. It is currently under production and should be ready in a week or two. Crazy huh.

I don't really know what will become of it, but I hope it can serve as a spring board to connect and uplift mothers. I'll let you know when its done. And soon I will post Maaike's outfit I made for the shoot, after all, I sew.


  1. I've never seen a Puj tub before! So, so cool that you won it. And how neat to be featured.

  2. Good for you! Can't wait to see little Miss Maaike's outfit too.

  3. Your daughter has the most amazing eyes and looks so happy in her Puj Tub! :D