Rian's Wool Jenny Skirt & Sewing Salvation

I know it's been a while, over a month to be exact. Kelli and I have the constant pondering of getting sponsors or not, updating our blog look or not. We have really enjoyed the process of building this blog and would love to fully commit to it, but then there are months like this past one where we fall off the wagon and are glad that we have no one but ourselves to answer to. I have actually been doing quite a bit of sewing lately and have taken pictures of all of it, but the time it takes to type it up and fuss with the photos has evaded me...us. But the fact is that I do love this blog and what it has brought to me. Not only have Kelli and I grown closer and I have had an excuse to push myself with my sewing, but in the wake of last years trials and learning to be a mom to a special needs child this blog has brought me immense comfort.

Being a mom to young kids can be isolating. Just getting out the door can be hard. And as of late I have found that to be especially true with Maaike. Being home bound for 6 months of the year doesn't help you make friends in a new town, but through this blog I have found the friends I needed. So many of you have opened up your lives and struggles to me and I thank you. Who knew sewing could provide emotional salvation?

I shouldn't be amazed anymore when things end up working out for the best, they always seem to, but I am still constantly amazed. One such miracle has been Somer. Somer reads this blog from Texas. Her daughter Maisy used to have a trach. Really, what are the odds? Our friendship has grown over the last few months of my constant questions and her sage advice of experience. There have been several days when I didn't know where else to turn. It means so much to talk to someone who truly knows what you are going through. Who knew sewing could be so powerful. Thank you Somer.

So it is for Somer and me and the rest of you who read this blog that we will keep going at it. I will not be an everyday blogger. And my activity will wax and wain with the stress of my life, but thanks okay, after all no one is paying me to do this and you will understand.

Here is one of my last projects: The Jenny Skirt. I used a herringbone wool that my mother gave me years ago. I've just been waiting for the right project to use it on. I am thrilled with the results and it was pretty simple. Kelli was in town and was able to help me fit it.

Since the skirt is out of wool I opted to line the entire skirt. I went for the bright purple lining. It makes me happy to know its hiding in there just for me.


  1. Life is more important than blogging! That being said, I do enjoy your blog. :) Your Jenny skirt looks great!

  2. I can see how you have time to sew but not blog. I do enjoy your blog and I have to say that I enjoy it more so that you are allowing yourself to be real. Sometimes real life is difficult and you mustn't hide that. I like your skirt too. Nice lining! :-)

  3. I was just thinking of you last night actually and wondering how you were doing since we hadn't heard from you in a while. Blogging may be a part of our lives, but it is just that, a part. Keep doing what you have to do to take care of that sweet baby girl and we will be here with you when you can join us.
    P.S. the skirt is awesome and I LOVE the purple lining!

  4. The skirt fits you perfectly! Great work.
    I am glad to hear you are both doing well and that your little one is fine.
    I am also a random blogger, but life needs to have priority I think (and sewing for that matter...otherwise we have nothing to share ;o)
    Take care

  5. Welcome back. I can completely understand the push and pull you feel about keeping up your blog. I enjoy reading your posts, but you've got to live your life too. Thanks for sharing how you feel (and that super cute skirt!)

  6. Nice! I love the bright lining.
    Isn't that the nice thing about blogs? They are like a dear friend. No matter what has happened in the between times, when you are together, it's like you were never apart!