Questions About Interfacing

I purchased upholstery-like fabric (as shown below) and after pre-washing it seemed more flopsy-mopsy than I wanted. I really want this bag to almost stand up on it's own and have a hefty bit of structure. I am wondering/considering adding fusible interfacing the the wrong/hidden side of my main top fabric. I have only used interfacing once before and I am a bit cautious.

Do any of you more seasoned sewers have an opinion about if interfacing might be a good idea to use in this project to add stability? Any help would be appreciated.


  1. I think that the interfacing will do exactly what you want it to. Although remember the bag will be a double thickness (the thickness of the lining plus the outer fabric). I would not recommend putting interfacing on the handles. It is already difficult to sew through that much thickness and turn it right side out.

  2. Thanks Kelli!
    I'm gunna try it because even with the double thickness it seemed like it would flop over.

  3. Definitely use a sturdy interfacing for your bag.