Better late than never...

So here it is...project number one! My bag is officially done. Everyone's blog posts are so helpful. I changed the measurements on much of it to fit my taste. I wanted a bag that could fit my 15" laptop and thicker straps. I experimented with getting a heavy weight woven fabric for the main piece and backed it with pretty stiff interfacing. I used the interfacing as well in the handles. The flower fabric is from my great grandmother. Before she passed away she gave me these little scraps. There wasn't much of it, so on the inside of the bag the top half is lined with the flowers, then its the brown from the base of the bag. If I was to do it again, I would have added a pocket in the lining where the fabric split.

I have my blouse cut out and ready to go. Once again, everyone's feedback on that project has been so helpful too. I will try to stay ahead of the game a bit more so I can contribute my findings. Happy sewing!


  1. It looks wonderful! I think blue and brown are always a winning combo. I also love that you personalized it with your grandmas fabric. I agree. A pocket would be perfect. I am thinking about making one for mother's day. Maybe if I do I will add the pocket to that one.
    Thanks for participating!

  2. I really love blue and brown as a color combination. It pairs the airy with earthy. Looks great!

  3. i love the texture combination and the finish work is impeccable.