A little dress and updates

So I've got the kind of body type that doesn't do well in a peasant style shirt. I was just going to skip this project all together, but started feeling left out. So, instead of making one for me i made one for my daughter. I used the Simplicity pattern 3513, which is almost exactly the same as the peasant top we did, only smaller and longer. I followed your lead and replaced the front gathers for pleats and of course I did a little embellishing with the added flower too. I don't own a Bedazzler but that surprises even me. I just think everything looks better with a little bling or accessorizing. So, if you are like me and realize that some project doesn't suit you, we invite you to improvise.

Kelli and I are constantly trying to figure out exactly what we are doing and what is the best way to go about it. Thanks for riding the learning curve with us! In order to simplify a little we are going to launch a new project on the first of each month. That way if you need to skip a project you'll know when to check back in. It also gives a little extra time for us to finish a project and have a dead line. If however you don't get your project done at the end of the month PLEASE keep going on it and post when you do finish or up load your pictures to the Flickr group.

There are likely to be more little changes to how we run things, but the basic premise never changes...We love to create new things through sewing and want to share that love with you! Happy seam ripping!


  1. Very cute. I have this same dress cut out for my little girl. I'm so doing the pleat instead. Glad I didn't start yet.

  2. rian this is great. i hope i have cute little girl to sew for one day as well.