Next Month : Summer Skirt VOTE

As soon as it gets warm I love to trade in the jeans for a nice and breezy skirt. Pair it with a t shirt and some flip flops and you are ready for anything.

We decided to let you guys vote on which skirt pattern you would like to make so here are the three (which will all be on sale at the end of the month) that we are thinking about:

(and remember to look beyond the envelope - your choice in fabrics will do wonders)

Choice A:

Choice B:

Choice C:

So make your way to the sidebar where you can vote on your favorite skirt pattern.


  1. This is perfect! I've just been trying to figure out the right pattern to use for a peice of fabric someone gave me. I'm excited for this! I also need to finish my dresses and get pictures sent in.

  2. I can't decide between A or B though I'm leaning towards A more.

  3. Option A, definitely A....oh whoops, I'll vote in the sidebar :)

  4. Annie22.5.09

    C definately. A&B not great for my shortwaisted, pear tending figure!

  5. I think B because I might have that pattern already.

  6. Butterick patterns are 99 cents at Hancock this weekend!! I might just get all three...