pocket thoughts

Kind of a silly post but it was on my mind this morning. Just a note about removing the pockets on your shirt:

* VERY carefully remove with a seam ripper. Go slowly. I got anxious the other day and yep, ripped a nice big hole in the shirt. Guess that one will become a small shirt or skirt. The "nice" part was that the entire time I thought, I really should be careful, I'm going to rip a hole in this. grrrr.

*If you're worried about the exposed holes left behind once the pocket is removed, wash the shirt once and it should bounce back and look like new. I just washed mine and I can't even see where the pocket used to be:
* hold on to the removed pockets! Use them on another project (I'm thinking of linen cargo pants for my little guy with the pockets off this one). Or add them back on to your Shirt Dress. Many ideas on the flickr group we recently started.

Okay, have a great weekend everyone. Time for me to get cutting and sewing on this. Just can't decide: buttons in front or back? Hmm.....


  1. funny. i was just wondering if i should pick the pockets off before or after washing. now i know. off to start seam ripping.

  2. it was great cruising the flickr group for ideas before I start cutting.