This month : catchup and tutorials

If you are like Rian and I this has been a busy month. The summer comes with family reunions, kids out of school, and visitors from out of town. So instead of adding another project to the unfinished pile, we thought we would give everyone a chance to finish the projects currently in the pile. So I am hoping to see some pleated or flared skirts, dresshirt dresses, peasant shirts, and tote bags. I know I have a few that need to be finished up.

Also, Rian and I each have chosen a few tutorials that we are putting together of how to help diminish the "to mend" pile with stuff such as altering jeans, to how to sew on a button the right way.

I can't wait to see all of your projects finished!

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  1. Hurray!! UFO month!! ufo=un finished objects!!