Cutting out and making changes

As mentioned before I want my wasp bag to be a diaper bag, so I decided to make it a bit bigger to accommodate all of the junk I will be storing in there. Here are the changes I made to the pattern as I cut out the front of my bag:

For the main body of the bag I made three changes.

1- I left about 3/4" in between the vertical x markers instead of matching them up. Because they were supposed to one on top of the other this should add an extra 1 1/2" to the length of the bag.

2- I also added width to the main body of the bag by adding about 3/4" to the area to the right of the center fold. Because this is placed on the fold it will also add about 1 1/2 " to the width of the bag.

3- I also cut off the triangle for the pleat on the top of the bag and moved it about 3/4" to the right. Because the bag was now going to be wider I wanted to make sure that the pleats weren't too far on the outside.

For the top placket of the bag I only made one change:

1- I added 3/4" to the inside fold just as I had for the main body (once unfolded it will add 1 1/2" to the width) of the bag so that the two will match up once sewn.

For the straps:

1- I wanted them to be thicker and longer so instead of using the pattern I just cut two strips that were 3" x 30". I will most likely make them a bit shorter later on.

2- I also decided not do the raindrop design at the end of the strap. I think I will just do a point, but am also waiting on that so we will see how it all looks.

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