Yoga bag fabric

You know you are a dork when you buy your fabric for your yoga bag to match your yoga mat. Yes, my yoga mat is that green color. I bought it with my birthday money at Target. My dear grandma, who has 25 grandchildren and will soon top the charts with 26 great-grandchildren, has never missed a birthday, or an anniversary for that matter. Every year I can count on a Hallmark card with a crisp check and her endearing shaky handwriting. She insists that we go and buy something we want and not groceries or diapers and so, for my thirty first birthday I bought myself a green yoga mat with a tree design on it. And yes, it was the double thick one, but hey, I am no longer 20 and it was on sale :)


This is Shawn’s beautiful blue fabric. Her yoga mat is blue, but not quite as matchy as mine. We were crazy enough to take our kids to the fabric store together to get fabric. Thankfully we are both pretty decisive and had our fabric in hand in about 15 minutes. One could say that we just settled for what was one sale, but I think we did rather well. Shawn’s blue fabric has a very zen feeling to me. I secretly like hers better than mine.


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  1. Wow, your Grandmother is very lucky! My Grams sent us money every year as well, but she thought $5.00 was all you needed for your birthday - and it didn't matter if you were 2 or 32! :) It's the thought that counts, of course, and I will always remember the little cards and crisp new $5.00 bill that showed up every year! How lovely that you are dorky enough to match your bag to your mat, because now you can always look at them and think of her!