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I must admit that for a 32 year old I can be a little old fashion sometimes. My husband just taught me how to use Google Reader and a whole new world has opened up to me. I was wondering how so many people keep up with so many blogs. Now I know. But now the question is: who should I be following? What is your blog? What are your favorites, sewing and non sewing? My husband is getting ready to go back to China next week, so I'm going to have the time. Laid it on me. I can take it.


  1. Anonymous7.1.11

    you can check mine out... I've been reading yours via googlereader for awhile now..


  2. Anonymous7.1.11

    I love Google Reader, even though it starts stressing me out when my unread count gets high.

    Follow my new blog at http://theloopdesigns.com

    You can subscribe to my RSS feed by clicking the button on the right.

  3. Oooh, me! I don't know how much sewing I'll get done this year, unfortunately, but I still think my blog is neat.


  4. I do a bit of sewing as well, but I mostly talk about traveling and NYC and my generally chaotic life as a grad student :) If you are interested, check it out!


    Otherwise some of my favorite sewing blogs are these:


    Enjoy Google Reader, but don't let it take over your life, and don't feel overwhelmed when you have 1000+ unread items! That's the way it is!

  5. The Pioneer Woman is one of my faves. And Frugal Dad.

    Mine is cjandvox.blogspot.com There isn't much there yet since I am just getting started but I hope to be adding more soon :)

  6. I'm oldgeorgiahouse.com

    Google Reader is awesome. I keep up with 60 blogs daily through it.
    Love Fly Through Our Window. Soule Mama.

  7. I have tens of blogs on my reader, and certainly missing out on some really good ones! I wouldn't imagine any other way of keeping up with all of them. The only disadvantage is that I get so many project ideas that I will need a life time.

    I have recently discovered these blogs

    And then if you would like to follow mine, I'd be delighted

  8. Oooh, I wouldn't want to be on the internet without my Google Reader! You can follow people on Twitter with it, which is pretty cool.

    I started an odd little project, transcribing a daily five-year diary from the early '60s in "real time." She talks a little about sewing, but mostly it's just daily life stuff!


  9. My favourite sewing blogs are:
    Male pattern boldness,
    Green Apples,
    So, Zo and,
    The Selfish Seamstress.

    I have just started a blog called Something in the Way She Sews

  10. Google Reader is great for organizing your blogroll!
    I'm at http://toferet.wordpress.com

  11. Eeek! I love my Google Reader! And it looks like I'm going to need to add a few more to my list from the comments left on here now too!

  12. even with google reader, I can't keep up with most blogs out there, but we always see your updates both family and presserfoot through google reader. The only problem with google reader is that having to make that one extra click to go to the blog to post a comment often keeps me from commenting...which I guess is just my laziness and not google reader's problem.

  13. Ha, I felt that same way when I discovered Google Reader!

    I highly recommend:
    Hyperbole and a Half
    How About Orange
    Ashley Ann Photography (shows as "orange. airplanes. not girly")
    pilli pilli
    Stuff No One Told Me (but I learned anyway)

    and of course mine. :)
    Stitch in My Side

  14. Anonymous7.1.11

    could you do a tutorial on how to use the Google Reader? I'd love to know.

  15. Google reader is god! Once I gave in and sat down and tried to figure out how to use it I was so happy! It is my number 3 bookmark! Nothing can come before picasa and facebook :P

    My blog is http://thebugcreator.com if you feel like following

    I love sewing blogs and quilting because I am an aspiring quilter! I also like kid craft blogs so that I can get ideas for things to do with my nieces and nephew since my son is too young.

  16. Oh how have you lived without Google Reader? Ha ha. My husband introduced me to it a while ago and yes, it changed the way I read blogs. What is it with husbands and their great knowledge?

    My blog is acandiedapple.blogspot.com stop by for a visit!

  17. I have my Google reader set up with a button in my toolbar (under the address bar) so I can just click "next" and it will take me to the next blog. That way I go to every blog and people get their page counts, plus if I want to leave a comment I'm right there. It's in the Reader Settings under "Goodies." They give you a link and you just drag and drop it to the toolbar.

    For sewing blogs I follow you (of course), Behind the Seams (http://behindtheseams.wordpress.com/), Brae's Closet (http://www.otterine.com/blog/blog3.php), Crazy Mom Quilts (http://crazymomquilts.blogspot.com/) and Twiddletails (http://twiddletails.blogspot.com/). I really like One Pretty Thing (http://www.oneprettything.com/) and Whip Up (http://whipup.net/) for finding tutorials from all over the internet.

  18. Feel free to check out mine. I've been following you in my google reader for forever! Also I just mentioned a new-to-me blog in a post - http://blueelephantstitches.blogspot.com/
    pretty awesome.

  19. It's a handy thing, google reader! My sister and I blog at http://makingmorewithless.blogspot.com/

    I'm 32 too!

    A few blogs I follow are


    And that is just a few. There is so much talent out there!

  20. There are soooo many amazing blogs out there you can easily fill your time up.

  21. i love

    I follow you on google reader. Did your hubby teach you the 'next' button trick? it's fabulous. You get to see the whole blog instead of just the feed. I'm way more likely to comment now that I know how to use it. Hence this comment! ;D

  22. http://honeysweet-ness.blogspot.com/
    is where I write about sewing and knitting and cooking and baking.

    I also like

    Enjoy reader!

  23. Ooo I have started following so many blogs recently - it's so addictive! I actually use Bloglovin to follow blogs as I like the way you see their whole blog layout rater than just the words and photos from the post - but perhaps I just wasn't using Googlereader properly!!
    My favourite sewing blog is definately Sewaholic, Tasia is such an inspirational seamstress. Also love Gerties Blog for Better Sewing.
    And feel free to check mine out if you like - I'm just starting sewing so my blog is developing as my skills develop!!

  24. Yeah! Your husband must be pretty cool.
    My blog is all about sewing recycled stuff, and so is Kris' blog called resweater.


  25. You can check mine out:


    There isnt much there just yet- Im only just starting out, but it would be nice to have someone read it. It's mainly about my little family growing and the things we do. I do some sewing when I have the time... Let me know what you think and (any pointers on improvement) ;D

  26. Wow, small world! I was just looking up sewing projects and through random links just found your blog. (I'm not sure if you remember me but I'm in the primary in your ward and have to say Coy is the cutest little girl.) I just had a baby so I'm stuck inside for a while too and cabin fever sets in pretty fast. :) You've probably already seen these, but apartmenttherapy.com and its sister sites have tons of great material. Not really sewing... but still fun to see and inspiring.

  27. Ugh, my Google Reader is out of control. Whenever one blogger links to another I end up falling in love and subscribing and feeding the monster. That's how I found your site (and added you to my reader)! I lost everything on my blog last month when I switched hosting providers so I'm slowly trying to recover all my lost data. If you want to check it out I'm at http://www.domesticdisaster.com

  28. i do love me some google reader! and i really love spending the afternoon getting lost in the black hole of wonderful blogs!

  29. Anonymous10.1.11

    I love your blog! I'm happy you've found Google Reader, it certainly made my life a lot easier!

    If you'd like to read a food blog mine is http://bakingit.wordpress.com/ I have a links page with a bunch of other food blogs on it up the top of the page. Just click on 'Useful Links'.

  30. I've got my google reader set up, but most of the time I just use my bookmarks anyway. That way I see each blog and can leave comments. I see through your comments here, though that apparantly I can do that through google reader after all! I have about 125 blogs bookmarked, so I'm a busy girl just trying to keep up with all the good ideas out there!

    My blog is www.smalltownstitcher.blogspot.com. I just started it in October, so I'm getting the hang of it slowly...

  31. Anonymous22.1.11

    I recently started using reader myself. You have a nice little list of blogs up here. there are so many great blogs out there. Dana-made-it.com it great and make it and love it.com

  32. I'm a little late, but love Google Reader as much as everyone else. Although, due to a slight case of possible OCD, I can't stand having unread messages, and will mark all as read if I don't feel like reading that day. *oops* :)

    Mine is http://sophiasews.blogspot.com/. It's just a humble little blog, but it's fun.

  33. I do exactly what Sophia said! I don't like unread items. I have about 50 blogs I follow, 17 of which are sewing blogs. My favorites are Adventures in Dressmaking (http://www.adventuresindressmaking.com/), Sew Retro (lots of different people from different blogs post to this one--http://sewretro.blogspot.com/), and New Dress a Day (she did a recycled fashion thing every day for a year--a new article of clothing every day on a $365 budget and is not continuing with things people send her--http://www.newdressaday.com/)

    I have my own newish, sporadically updated blog called Bobbins of Basil (bobbinsofbasil.blogspot.com)

    Obviously this post is a little late, but I just discovered your blog recently!

  34. I just found and fell in love with your blog! It seems super fitting that my sister and I will be doing some of your tutorials this week! :-) I blog, but it's not about crafts. It's actually a special needs adoption advocacy blog.

  35. I just found your blog! I'm really enjoying reading it and will for sure be adding it to my list of favorite blogs. :)