Looking to 2011

Now that I have finally showered in 2011 I feel like I can admit we've moved into a new year. My sewing resolutions include all the the projects I didn't finish last year, including but not limited to the Mad Men dress. I can't bring myself to sew a dress that I hopefully wont fit into in a a few months. My advice to myself would be to just make it, after all, I could use a great new dress now and then I could just take it in later. But, I just can't do it. I resolve to take my own advice next year. I will however start sewing a couple of aprons. One that was to be a Christmas present (thankfully I'm related to the receiver and she is very kind to wait) and one for myself. I have made many an apron in the past, but I always end up giving them away as gifts. I have a few industrial aprons for crafting, painting, and wood working, but this one is just to fell pretty and sexy in the kitchen. The pattern just arrived in the mail and I can't wait to get started. This is what I picked:I actually got to meet Heather at a conference and talk to her a little about Presserfoot! She is absolutely genuine and was very kind to give me a few minutes over finger food. From her online store I also picked up a half a yard of her new laminate fabric for a stylish diaper bag that is in the pattern drafting phase. I'll share when it is done...just add it to my 2011 sewing resolutions. What about you?

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